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Ferrari 360 Driving Experiences

Engine Capacity CC
3586 CC
395@8500 bhp/rpm
BHP/RPM Torque
275@4750 lbf/ft
Maximum Speed
186 MPH
0-62 MPH
4.5 Seconds
" road car we have ever driven can match the sheer instant response of the 360's fly-by-wire electronic throttle. As soon as the pedal is touched, the car leaps forward and hurtles right up to the 8,500rpm red line with the high pitched scream of a race car...." Jeremy Clarkson loved the nimble Ferrari 360. The lovely noise from the V8 engine and the fantastic gearshift can be experienced by you on our Ferrari driving experience.

"...the 360 has an expensive and exotic chassis, using an aluminium spaceframe, aluminium double wishbones and electronic damping. As with its engine, gearbox and brakes, the responses from its steering and chassis are absolutely instant and totally true..."

Excerpts from Top Gear Road Test (
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