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Lamborghini Gallardo Driving Experiences

Engine Capacity CC
4961 CC
520@7800 bhp/rpm
BHP/RPM Torque
376@4500 lb/ft
Maximum Speed
197 MPH
0 - 62 MPH
3.9 Seconds
"...sounds like a thermo-nuclear device being detonated, while the driving experience is just as explosive with 500bhp and four-wheel drive..." That's what Top Gear though of the Lamborghini Gallardo. Our Lamborghini driving experience lets you find out for yourself by driving a Lamborghini on track with our instructors. You'll love the 500 Bhp and four wheel drive system and the fantastic noise from the V10 engine.

", we can do. Fast we can do to the point of making hands go grey as blood fails to pump the required distance to the steering wheel during full-bore acceleration..."

"...The SE cracks through the first four gears with more verve, prompting in turn a more serious expression from the driver as the smoother engine mapping and slightly freer-flowing exhaust give the impression that this car is much more of a missile than the stock motor..."

Excerpts from Top Gear Road Test (
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