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Audi R8 Driving Experiences

Engine Capacity CC
4163 CC
420@7800 bhp/rpm
BHP/RPM Torque
317@4500-6000 lbf/ft
Maximum Speed
187 MPH
0-62 MPH
4.6 Seconds
The stunning aluminium v8 engine in the Audi R8, plus it's quattro four wheel drive system make it a brilliant car on track. Try it our for yourself with one of our Audi R8 Driving Experiences and have a fantastic time in this race-derived supercar from Audi.

"...If you think the R8 looks special, wait until you fire the engine....."

"...It's an enormously capable and user-friendly machine, with scarcely believable amounts of grip..."

Excerpts from Auto Express Road Test (/
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