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Aston Martin DB9 Driving Experiences

Engine Capacity CC
5935 CC
450@6000 bhp/rpm
BHP/RPM Torque
420@5000 lb/ft
Maximum Speed
186 MPH
0-60 MPH
4.7 Seconds
"...sleek, sensual and so, so good. The DB9 is the first Aston Martin that doesn't leave you disappointed, even a little bit. If you don't want one, you're probably dead..."

Top Gear loved the Aston Martin DB9 when they drove it. Now it's your chance to try the Aston's amazing handling and superb V12 engine on an Aston Martin driving experience. Whether you drive a six speed manual or a silky smooth paddle shift gearbox, our Aston Martin driving experience will leave you with wonderful memories.

Excerpts from Top Gear Road Test (
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