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Driving Gift are specialists in driving experiences in England, operating at Donington Heritage Site, Tockwith Testing Ground (York), Snetterton, Heyford Park (Oxfordshire).

We have many supercars available for the driving experiences including Ariel Atom, Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8, Ferrari 360, Jaguar F-Type, Jeep 4 x 4, Junior Drive, Lamborghini Gallardo, McLaren MP4-12C, Nissan GTR, Rally Car

Cut out the middle man and buy direct from the operator No Extra Charge For Using Vouchers On Weekends. All our experiences include FREE familiarisation laps. No charge for 1st class delivery of your voucher. Vouchers valid for 10 months.

Purchasing a driving gift is simple, simply select your experience and pay online or alternatively call our booking staff to pay over the phone with a credit or debit card at no extra cost on 01325 371413 (OPEN Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.45pm) who will be only too happy to assist you to find your perfect driving gift.

Our customers come from Glasgow, Edinburgh, North East, Newcastle, Leeds, York, Manchester, Birmingham, Midlands, Oxford and London.

If you are looking for a Driving Sensation, all our driving gift vouchers are valid for 10 months for the lucky participant to take on one of our selected days. All Gift Vouchers are sent in a presentation gift wallet with full instructions by 1st class post in a plain envelope on the same day as ordered along with a brochure showing all our driving experiences.

We started driving experiences back in 1978 at the Croft circuit with the Racing School, and 37 years on we offer you the chance to drive todays best Supercars at very competative prices which make the ideal Driving Present.  We are a family run business and can easily be contacted if any problems occur, unlike some large companies who make it difficult to contact them. You can contact us via email or call 9am-4.45pm Monday to Friday on 01325 371413.

Driving experience - Driving experience day

When looking for the perfect gift for the adventurous car lovers out there, consider a superb driving experience courtesy of Our driving experiences are amongst some of the most exhilarating and professional you will ever have the chance to participate in. Choosing from a fine selection of exotic sports and supercars, when taking part in one of our driving experience days, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.With a massive choice of driving experiences to suit any tastes, from high powered, exotic supercars such as the Ferrari 360 and Lamborghini Gallardo to full Rally Spec vehicles including the Subaru Impreza STi and Mitsubishi Evo 8 offering intense rally experiences, we cater for everyone.

Our complete driving experience day sessions invite you to test some of the world’s most renowned high spec vehicles to their limits, accompanied by skilled and professional instructors to ensure you receive the most from your time with us. Discover the delights and awesome power of such amazing machines as the Aston Martin DB9, the car of choice for Britain’s most well known Secret Agent, the spectacular Audi R8 and a selection of high powered drift cars that will leave you in a spin, literally!
It is true that for any petrol head, the ultimate gift idea would be that of a superb and exhilarating driving experience day, being introduced to a line up of truly exotic and ultra sophisticated supercars and meticulously tuned rally cars to gain a realistic understanding of what it takes to drive marquees of distinction such as the Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 360 and 355, Lamborghini Gallardo, Nissan GTR V-Spec and Porsche 911 turbo.Whatever your driving preferences may be, whether a fond rally follower you can achieve the perfect experience driving a range of 4 wheel drive Subaru Impreza STI’s and Mitsubishi Evo 8’s or if you wish to drive high powered drift cars such as the Nissan 200 Silvia Turbo Drift Car we can make it happen. With Driving Gift we make it possible to live out your dreams with a spectacularly unforgettable and highly exciting driving experience to rival no other.

Our driving experience days make the ideal present for adults and minors alike, offering a collection of our fantastic cars available with manual and automatic transmissions. Take this opportunity to book a terrific driving experience today for yourself or someone special and look forward to a full filled day that you will remember forever.

Lamborghini driving experiences - Lamborghini driving experience day

Far from the humble beginnings of producing tractors, Lamborghini have been highly recognised over the last 40 years or so for producing some of the world’s most awe inspiring and memorable hypercars ever. Constantly introducing some of the most fascinating designs, quite unlike other supercar and hypercar manufacturers, Lamborghini have built a legacy that continues to impress like few others.Take to the helm of one of the most outspoken hyper/supercars produced with one of the excellent Lamborghini driving experiences now available from the experts here at Driving Gift. Each Lamborghini driving experience we provide allows you the chance to appreciate the breathtakingly quick Lamborghini Gallardo in all its fearsome glory.

A true marvel of modern automotive excellence, the Gallardo will leave you dumbfounded and giddy for days to come. Enjoying a Lamborghini driving experience day with us will allow you to unleash the full potential of this road going nuclear rocket. Making the perfect gift, Lamborghini driving experience days encapsulate you in the sounds and sensations of one of the world’s true motoring icons.Companioned with a fully trained instructor, your Lamborghini driving experience will allow you to fully understand the power of this fantastic supercar. Our Lamborghini driving experience days will leave you with many memories for years to come and under theexpert tuition of our personal instructors; you will be able to unleash all 500bhp of this tremendous machine.

Experience the same feeling that few others have experienced before you when taking part in one of our exceptional Lamborghini driving experiences today from Driving Gift. The sheer number of diverse driving opportunities we have available means that we can provide the ultimate day’s entertainment for all motoring enthusiasts eager to participate in any one of the fabulous experiences found here at Driving Gift. With it being so simple to book your Lamborghini driving experience day with our professional team of qualified instructors and the exceptional Lamborghini Gallardo, we can make the day a perfect gift for you, a friend or a loved one. If you know someone who is crazy about exotic supercars, then driving our Lamborghini to its limits on a track selected by you could be the ideal present for a special individual.With our prices being very competitive and excellent environments in which to truly admire and experience these terrific machines from one of the most renowned manufacturers.

Choose our Lamborghini driving experiences and discover the many delights awaiting you on your ‘once in a lifetime’ Lamborghini driving experience day.

Aston martin driving experiences - Aston martin driving experience days

Here at Driving Gift you can enjoy a fantastic array of driving experiences from under £100 in some of the world’s most amazing sports and supercars. If you have ever considered what it feels like to witness, first hand, the awesome power derived from a true iconic supercar; choose one of our many Aston Martin driving experiences. Combining excellent looks with unbelievable road handling and ferocious power, the Aston Martin driving experience is the choice for you.The DB9 is by far one of the best machines manufactured by the well recognised and much appreciated luxury supercar designer and can now be yours in one of our exhilarating Aston Martin experience days. Taking your enjoyment to new levels, the Aston Martin driving experience day is the ideal gift for those passionate about great motoring Marques.

From the moment you enter the cockpit of this sumptuous and luxurious supercar, you will instantly realise and appreciate the distinction of such a valued and special vehicle. From the push button ignition to the sound of the V12 roaring into life, our Aston Martin driving experiences will leave you mesmerised. Here you receive so much more with our terrific Aston Martin driving experience days.With a number of carefully chosen venues and racetracks located around the UK, here at Driving Gift we aim to provide excellent driving experiences with the ease and convenience that is understandable following the needs and requirements of UK customers and participants. Being able to offer a selection of locations means that here at Driving Gift we can bring excellent Aston Martin driving experience days closer to you.

Taking advantage of the terrific possibilities now available, you can rest assured that our Aston Martin driving experiences will be embedded into your memory for many months, leaving the broadest smiles on the faces of the lucky individuals who will be able to experience the monstrous performance of this iconic luxurious supercar manufacturer. The Aston Martin DB9 is more than just a car; the name forms the backbone of a classic institution, dedicated to providing a level of luxury and finesse that few other manufacturers can match. Discover the DB9for yourself now.

We provide you with one of the most exceptionally exhilarating driving sensations you will probably ever encounter. Making a unique and treasured gift for the true aficionado, the Aston Martin driving experience is available in several different guises, all offering brilliant days out. Order your Aston Martin driving experience day today, now at fantastic rates.

Ferrari driving experiences - Ferrari driving experience days

Discovering many terrific moments that can be had when exposed to such terrific supercars here at Driving Gift, there is little that can prepare you for one of the most exhilarating Ferrari driving experiences that you can now submerge yourself in. Ferrari are possibly one of the most famous names in supercar design and manufacture, combined with a thoroughbred racing heritage that has spanned such a number of decades.

As such, just casting your eyes upon any one of the stunning Ferraris here at Driving Gift will leave you with an undying need to experience these formidable supercars in all their glory, as soon as possible. There are many Ferrari driving experience days to choose from to meet the requirements and tastes of a diverse selection of fans.

Sitting in the driving seat on your Ferrari driving experience day alongside your personal instructor, you receive the opportunity to carry out a fulfilling Ferrari driving experience that will have you smiling from ear to ear. With a choice of excellent supercars featuring the famous prancing horse logo, we ensure only the best examples for your Ferrari driving experience, a gift you will not forget in a hurry.The Prancing Horse has been a renowned symbol of thoroughbred engineering for many decades for Ferrari, boasting numerous triumphs in the world of motor racing such as Formula 1 and various other classic motoring events throughout the years. Ferrari is a name that can instantly be associated with finesse, luxury, exquisite refinement and superbly desirable exotic supercars.

With Driving Gift, you are presented with a selection of fabulous opportunities to witness the awesome power and excitement gained from driving a Ferrari. Our Ferrari driving experience days will not only allow you a brilliant hands on introduction to some of the world’s fastest and most exhilarating vehicles but with no speed limits and no restrictors on our Ferrari supercars, the Ferrari driving experiences will leave you breathless and in awe.

Dedicated instructors will ride along with you to show how to gain the most from your day with Driving Gift today.Ferrari driving experience days can be ordered well in advance as a gift for any purpose or celebration. You can now find Ferrari driving experiences for under £60 all the way up to £499 for the Ultimate Supercar and Rally experiences. We cater for all, from assisted child’s driving experiences to full, high speed Ferrari driving experience day events.

Subaru driving experiences - Subaru driving experience days

A superior and world class rally machine, the Subaru Impreza STi is one of the most breathtakingly quick and agile Rally Spec vehicles, that performs as well on gravel as on the slickest tarmac, bringing you an unsurpassable 4WD sensation. Subaru driving experiences from the experts here at Driving Gift will leave your heart pounding and you crying out for more!
Unrestricted and completely under your control, you can now experience the Subaru driving experience as a part or full day out at a specially prepared testing ground or track where speed restrictions and rev limitations are simply not applicable.The Subaru driving experience days offered here at are the perfect way to savour the brilliant manoeuvrability and power of this world rally leader. Offering a wide range of Subaru driving experience day opportunities for you, a relative or a friend to experience, we deliver one of the most exhilarating sensations for you.

Excellent rally breeding and attention to perfecting one of the ultimate road-going rally cars that spawned a generation of avid followers, Subaru is a name that conjures up images instantly of the famous blue and gold colours associated with the WRX rally vehicles that have been the choice for many rally teams. Drivers such as Colin McCray and Ken Block both excelled in Subaru Rally cars and now you too can gain the rush and excitement gained by these terrific vehicles on one of our Subaru driving experiences today.

Taking part in any one of our superior Subaru driving experience days, you can really get to grips with the exceptional handling of these tremendous vehicles, making a true impression on all drivers of all ages. Fantastic handling and jaw dropping acceleration, feel the responsive power of the turbo and high octane thrill of the impressive and fearsome Subaru Impreza STi today with the expert driving day professionals here at Driving Gift.

A rapid and exceptionally well handling master of all road surfaces, the Subaru Impreza STi delivers mass power from just a 2 litre engine with 300bhp transferring through to the 4WD system. Simply amazing, the Subaru driving experiences ensure that you will be left with a huge smile at the end.

Booking a Subaru driving experience day is very easy and makes the perfect gift for those who will appreciate first rate Subaru driving experience days with trained expert professionals. Take to the wheel of one of the most widely reputed rally cars of modern times with a Subaru driving experience.

Audi r8 driving experiences - Audi r8 driving experience days

The sheer beauty and awesome looks, sounds and stance of the Audi R8 are enough to whet the appetite of even the world’s most appreciative car enthusiasts. Easily one of the decade’s most widely coveted supercars, offering exceptional acceleration, grip and handling in addition to being one of the most user-friendly and forgiving exotic cars here at Diving Gift, the Audi R8 driving experience makes the perfect gift for friends and family members alike.From as little as £40 you can encounter the amazing power and quality presented by the Audi R8. Offering a range of Audi R8 driving experiences to suit a range of budgets and requirements, you can choose which Audi R8 driving experience day you wish to plan via our website. Give the gift of a lifetime with one of the Audi R8 driving experience days here at today.

Discovering the amazing Audi R8 up close and personal really will fill you with a sense of excitement and with our Audi R8 driving experiences, you will surround yourself in ecstatic bewilderment as you experience this formidable supercar first hand. Take to one of the purpose built tracks located across the UK in the fantastic Audi R8 supercar courtesy of Driving Gift. Our Audi R8 driving experiences give you a firsthand introduction to a definitive supercar that offers absolutely mind blowing acceleration and grip to enable the driver to feel the awesome power of this V10 monstrous supercar. With no restrictions placed on the Audi and private racetracks to unleash the true potential of this road going marvel of automotive engineering, lucky participants get the chance to test this beautiful and desirable supercar to a new level.

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush like no other, taking part in one of the many various Audi R8 driving experience days that we provide at specially chosen tracks and airfields across the UK is more than enough to fuel the needs of even the biggest aficionado. We invite you to join us for a hugely memorable day that will have you smiling for months afterwards. With the Audi R8 driving experience days on offer here at Driving Gift, you can bring a lifetime of happiness to the supercar fan in your life with a highly personal Audi R8 driving experience day, making even the near impossible wishes now more possible for a very lucky recipient. Take a moment to view the wide selection of Audi R8 driving experience opportunities now available for you to purchase here today.
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